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The second edition of Girls Voices Matter Afric took place on the 7th and 8th of May (at 3:00 pm in Mozambique), where the watchword is GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT OF GIRLS 2021 GIRLS VOICES MATTER AFRIC

is summed up in a meeting via ´Zoom´ where women ordinary experts in their fields and professions are present, in order to bring hope to women and girls from all over the world. On this platform any and every woman, wherever she may be, can participate, letting her concerns remain and bringing possible solutions to the problems placed on the debate table, the same is done in English, but with the intention of extending to others languages ​​so that girls who are in uncomfortable situations can intervene, even perhaps other modules for carrying out the movements of Girls Voices Matter Afric.

In this edition the outstanding question was: WHAT IS WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT FOR? Since the creation of the first human beings, it has always been conceived that the female sex is the most fragile, and that is why they have always been prone to violations of their rights. Female empowerment contributes so that women have the right to actively participate in the most diverse types of debates, making decisions that will influence the future of your region, country, or society as a whole.

We are used to reading facts about women in history who fought bravely in revolutions (Josina Machel), without forgetting the women who had their struggles not with swords or firearms, but with a simple pen of writing (Paulina Chiziane). Women in positions of leadership / leader (Queen Elizabeth II) also play a key role in history.

For societies where girls are seen as fragile, Girls Voices Matter Afric can be of great help in breaking with these existing beliefs that women should be silent and obedient.

Girls from Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, and Mozambique participated actively in the meeting on the 8th, where reports of sexual abuse had the greatest impact, and the expression of concern was on all faces, thus demonstrating that it is not simply in Africa. nor Mozambique, but, all over the world.

Thabisile Mkhosana from South Africa said:

“Girls deserve to live, many girls die daily and that is not right. We need to know that we are safe when we go hiking or somewhere. Girls lose a lot here in South Africa. We don’t want to be afraid all the time that maybe someone can just come and get us, it’s just not right. We want to be safe all the time, not just sometimes

You have to stop! ´

Participating in events such as Girls Voices Matter Afric, can be the key to stopping various problems that girls face, it is not enough to simply participate it is crucial to share messages and implement so that the thinking of the whole society can become aware that women can also do what men and even beyond what they do.

Mainly sharing for women living in remote areas, as they are the biggest target of premature unions and slavery.

We are capable

Our voice is important.

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